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Do you know, for example, how to turn the finest parts of a doll or its outfit right side out so that they are shaped exactly as shown on the picture?
Here we show you how our different kits look like and what is inside the packaging. We hope these videos will help you to choose the right kit.
This ornamental stitch, made up of interlinked loops, is widely used in sewing and embroidery. Use it for making outlines or to embellish clothing or linens. This stitch is flexible and this allows one to follow any curved line with ease. We are absolutely sure you'll find this stitch very handy.
Buttons are one of the oldest way to fasten clothing. Decorative buttons are also used as embellishments.
This stitch is very useful when it's necessary to make a seam from the outside of the item you are making or to close the seam. Sewing thread is not visible on the right side, resulting in a neat, professional seam.
This stitch is used to sew pieces of cloth together by hand. Being an alternative to machine stitching, backstitch produce a strong, neat seam. This stitch can also be used for embroidering thin outlines.
This ornamental stitch is used for embroidery, to neaten the edge and for sewing one piece of fabric to another. Due to its decorative look, it is widely used in soft toy sewing, especially when sewing toys out of felt.
Learn how to cross stitch, to fasten thread and to produce a neat underside. Never cross-stitched before? Take a look and try!