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Fine pieces turning out

Making soft toys is a fascinating craft and we are doing our best to help you avoid difficulties while working with our kits! Visit us on Instagram where we share our secrets and useful tips that will help you to create your own masterpieces. 
Do you know, for example, how to turn the finest parts of a doll or its outfit right side out so that they are shaped exactly as shown on the picture?  
To turn the leg of a ‘Lady Miadolla’ doll you will need the following:   
- a wooden stick (e.g. a chopstick or skewer)
- a plastic straw 
- a needle with a strong thread
Take the leg and insert a straw up to the toes. Insert the stick’s tip into the straw at the toes, tucking in a bit of fabric. Move the stick down along the leg, turning it right side out and pushing the straw out of it.
For better results, you can smooth out the seam using a threaded needle.
Thread a needle, insert it into the seam and take out, making a short stitch. Pull both ends of the thread, smoothing the seam. Repeat the steps above if necessary, until the whole seam is smoothed out.