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Safety recommendations

Before starting the work, prepare your workplace. It should be clean to avoid fabrics, threads and haberdashery getting dirty. Keep your hair out of the way. The source of light should be at the front left (at the front right for those left-handed).

Working with fabrics, threads and haberdashery

  • Keep all the stuff in the packaging when you don’t use it.
  • Keep small bits, if any, in resealable bags.
  • Cut the threads with scissors only.

Working with needles, pins and knitting needles

  • Keep your needles and pins in a safe place (box, pincushion, etc.).
  • Never take pins or needles in the mouth or pin to your clothing.
  • Do not leave them pinned to your work.
  • Do not use bent, rusted or broken pins and needles and safely dispose of them (wrap them in paper prior putting in the bin).

Working with scissors

  • Keep your scissors in a safe place.
  • Do not leave your scissors open.
  • Do not point tips of the scissors up.
  • Pay attention to the direction of cut and do not use the scissors while walking.
  • Keep your fingers out of the blades when holding the fabric.

Care instructions

  • It is not recommended to wash the finished toy.
  • If necessary, hand-wash is possible only in cool water up to 30 °C without wringing.