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Miadolla® - Sewing set

Miadolla® is a Russian brand of sets for the manufacture of not only toys but other things! ☺

The Miadolla® is constantly expanding its range, and now the friendly Miadolla® family has not only different dolls, squishions and animals, but also accessories, amulets, magnets, fobs and presents with surprises. Both experienced and beginner sewers can allow all this fantastic stuff!

The Miadolla® collection offers sets of different levels of complicity, styles and sewing techniques. Following new trends, Miadolla® designers create new characters and, even, whole series of toys: «Scandinavian style toys», «Vintage toys» and etc. Each finished Miadolla® toy has its own character and nice peculiarities that make it unique and attractive.

The Miadolla® sets feature three versions of component parts:

  • • a handbag with a handle,
  • • an A5 bag with buttons,
  • • a present box.

The sets include: a detailed instruction with pictures, sewing pattern, fabrics, haberdashery, sewing needles as well as sewing thread which can be used both for hand sewing and for sewing on the machine. There are spare materials in all the sets. Even a beginner sewer can cope with the work using a detailed step by step instruction manual.

Stuffing is not included in all the sets. It is done to allow you to stuff the toy in your own. For example, you can use scented stuffing – in such a case, the toy will serve as an excellent sachet; or you can use granules - in such a case, the toy will become an "anti-stress" plaything.

Scandinavian style toys

Scandinavian style is associated with home comfort, simple natural materials and flowers as well as handmade things.

The Scandinavian style Miadolla® toys are totally in line with all mentioned above: they are made in soft colour palette, of high-quality natural fabrics and in a modern design. Being stylish and individual, Miadolla® toys can be both an addition to any fashion interior and the close friend for your child.

The Miadolla® collection is represented by sets with stuffing and without it (lower priced series). The universal sets include: a detailed step by step instruction manual with pictures, sewing pattern, a sewing needle, fabric, sewing threads, haberdashery, mouline cotton threads.

Vintage toys

Teddy–technology, used in this series, is about 200 years old. It allows legs, arms and head to be flexible and makes the toy cute and «alive». The secret is a special flexible split-pin joint. And Miadolla® will teach you it!

Each set contains a detailed step by step instruction manual. The wide range of the series will help you to find the design and the toy which you will definitely like.

One more peculiarity of the Vintage Miadolla® toys is its stuffing. It consists of wood shavings and glass or metal granules – all this stuff makes the toy solidity and special authenticity.

The sets include: a detailed step by step instruction manual with pictures, sewing pattern, a sewing needle, fabric, sewing threads, stuffing, haberdashery, metal split pins and fibre board disks, mouline cotton threads.

Sachet Toys

The toys of this series are created according to the unique designs. They are decorated with handmade embroidery and have individual flavour. It is a real accessory «3 in 1»!

You can use these toys differently: play, decorate the house space or use them as a sachet.

The sets include: scented granules, sewing pattern, linen, mouline cotton threads, sewing threads, a detailed instruction with pictures, woven adhesive interfacing, felt, a sewing needle.

Felt fantasies

The toys of this series have a stylish design, an easy difficulty level and, they are lower priced. They will be suitable for beginners and become an excellent springboard for sewing of more difficult Miadolla® toys.

A pleasant peculiarity is that you can make two or even three toys from one set! You can play with them, transform them into stylish brooches or fobs, use as Christmas tree decorations or assemble them into a baby cot mobile.

The set includes all the necessary materials: a detailed instruction with pictures, sewing pattern, felt, mouline cotton threads, sintepon, a sewing needle.

Miadolla® KIDS

This is a special series for children aged 5 and older. Peculiarities:

  • • a plastic sewing needle is included,
  • • holing along the contour of the pieces to make sewing easier.

Bright and funny designs attract attention. Children will be able to choose the toy to his or her taste and practise sewing. The handmade toy will be the most favourite and memorable.

The sets include: felt pieces, thread "Gamma" iris, a plastic sewing needle, a detailed instruction with pictures, sintepon.


Miadolla® can teach to sew not only toys but also practical stuff.

Sewn by sets accessories can be used in household, as a stylish handmade gift or a good beginning of a new hobby.

You can give them to beginner sewers and needlewomen as a set or a finished toy – both will enjoy using these products.

Create beautiful and practical things with Miadolla®!

Christmas toys

Christmas characters made in traditional and fashion Scandinavian styles and Christmas boxes for needlewomen are the Miadolla® presents for all lovers of handmade and sewing!

You can make your loved ones happy, giving such beautiful and useful Christmas and New Year presents.

Christmas boxes are novelties. In addition to the Christmas toy sewing set, there is a surprise inside the present box - a notebook for new plans and wishes, coloured pencils and a set of Christmas stickers. Polyester stuffing for an amulet toy is also included.

The present with a surprise will be certainly memorable!

Handmade toys make the house cozy and can be a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. And if a child makes such a toy (himself or herself, or with an adult), it will bring him joy and pleasant memories for years.

Find your own toy, sew it with Miadolla® and tell us about your craft experience on our social media!

We are looking forward to feedback and will answer all your questions with pleasure!