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TD-0274 Stephen the Bear

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Ploughing the boundless blue see, turning helm left and right, Stephen confidently stands as a steerer. The weather could not always be bright over head, gusting wind could make the road more complicated, Stephen is fearless and loves his difficult and such important job. Looks like storm is coming, all hands ahoy!

Product nameStephen the Bear
Article TD-0274
Country of origin Russia
Package type Cardboard box
Recommended age older 14 years
Brand "Miadolla"
Stuffing included
Technique Sewing
Height, cm 23
Sewing pattern grayscale on paper
The kit includes jersey, foamiran foam sheet, sewing needle "Gamma", metal granules, “Gamma” mouline cotton threads, brads, sewing threads "Gamma", metal split pins and fibre board disks, wood shavings, sewing pattern, plush, linen, faux leather, detailed instruction with pictures, beads
Instructions EN

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