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TD-0237 Arcadius Smart

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Arcadius was always very serious. His favorite childhood toy was probably the newspaper, where all the news of their small town was published. Of course, he liked reading books too, but he couldn't find such up-to-date information in them. Arcadius always wanted to know a lot and to be a scientist. Today, he is the anchor of TV show about space travel on local TV. Now every town inhabitant recognizes him.

Article TD-0237
Product name Arcadius Smart
Package type Cardboard box
Recommended age older 14 years
Country of origin Russia
Stuffing included
Sewing pattern grayscale on paper
Height, cm 21
Technique Sewing
The kit includes wire, wood shavings, “Gamma” mouline cotton threads, fabric 100% cotton, denim, eyes, detailed instruction with pictures, sewing pattern, jersey, sewing needle "Gamma", sewing threads "Gamma", faux leather, foamiran foam sheet, plush, metal split pins and fibre board disks, metal granules
Instructions EN

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