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Phil the OwletBI-0243

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The owlet Phil is a real owl by his nature. He doesn’t mind napping in the daytime. But as soon as the last rays of the sun dip below the horizon, happy and full of energy Phil sets to work. He has an old telescope, which was given him by his grandfather, the astronomer. Every night Phil observes stars. He draws the star atlas, which will help the forest animals to find out any star in the night sky.

Mission for sew
Package type Cardboard box
Specificity of delivery fragile commodity
Product name Phil the Owlet
Article BI-0243
Our manufacturing yes
Brand "Miadolla"
Country of origin Russia
Height, cm 18
Technique Sewing
Sewing pattern grayscale on paper
Stuffing included
The kit includes fabric 100% cotton, detailed instruction, sewing pattern, filler "Gamma", plush, sewing needle "Gamma", sewing threads "Gamma"
Instructions EN

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